“Every now and then a business book comes along that really will revolutionize the basic ways you think about business and yourself as a businessperson. This is one of those times . . . Worth its weight in trendy management and organizational theories, this book focuses on one single central premise: the problems facing business today can be effectively addressed by a commitment to truth. Sounds ridiculously simple, but within a very few pages, Lucas will have you enthralled by just how complex honoring this simple commitment can be.” - The Newbridge Executive Program Book Club, Making Fatal Illusions a Main Selection

“Fatal Illusions is written in a refreshing ‘no-nonsense, been there, done that’ style that compels the reader to challenge the myths and create their own future based on facts not fiction. Lucas has given us the management manual for the millennium.” - John G. Hughes, Jr., President, Creative Leadership Strategies

“Provides ‘forward-focus’ tools that clarify where you want to go, help you see the gap between the target and your current reality, and show you how to close the gap. I haven’t seen anything else that gives such a clear picture of [how to achieve] key organizational goals.” - Ed Oakley, CEO, Enlightened Leadership International, Inc. Author of Enlightened Leadership

“Fatal Illusions struck me as having the advocacy of integrity and principle-centered living that one would expect from Stephen Covey, mixed with the practical applications I have yet to find from Peter Drucker, Peter Senge, or Tom Peters. While they all have large followings and have authored some very good work, none of them have really provided me with the ‘AHA!’ experience that you did a number of times in your book.” - Andrew Lawrence, President, Pinnacle Resources

“A real gut check. Stimulating and informative . . . a road map for attacking the ‘enemy within.’ This book will challenge you to step outside yourself and see things as they really are.” - Terry L. Lay, President, The Lee Company (a division of VF Corporation)

“Lucas puts the organization on the therapist’s couch and makes it experience the truth . . . a healthy exercise for those organizations experiencing hangovers from consuming too much hype.” - Barry Howard Minkin, Futurist and Author of Future In Sight and Econoquake

“Lucas puts the choices right out there: We can try to live a life built on illusion, or we can go after what we really need – truth. Read Fatal Illusions for its sobering account of the delusions that often trap us, but even more for its guidance on how to stop ‘illuding’ and start living with reality.” - Lee G. Bolman, Ph.D., Marion Bloch Professor of Leadership, Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“The problem was that when I started to thumb through the book the day I got it, I couldn’t put it down. So much of what you have written really hits home with me as a lot of it is what I have been preaching within our own organization throughout the world…Well done!” - Tim Kumagai, Vice President & Manager, Zurich International (Japan)

“A fresh, unexpected, and intriguing approach to finding causes of many long-standing business problems. This is great stuff!” - Alex Zaks, Senior Partner, Altegra Command & Control Systems, Inc.

“Lucas catches us in the ruts that we’ve fashioned in our daily on-the-job practices and forces us to reevaluate how we do business. But as reality dawns, he has not left us defenseless. He has provided solutions to correct our fatalistic tendencies in the marketplace.” - Phillip V. Lewis, Dean, School of Business Administration, Oklahoma Christian University

“Management consultant Lucas takes a steely-edged approach to understanding key organizational shortcomings.” - Don Morris, Daytona Daily News

“When Jim Lucas wrote Fatal Illusions, he must have been alternately laughing and crying . . . This book has a great tone, great insights, and great instructions. If you think you don’t need to read it, well, are you sure that you’re not just laboring under an illusion?” - Tom Brown in Management General

“Fatal Illusions is a call for realism on the part of business leaders and managers as they work to make their businesses successful. This book provides some real meat . . . it is well worth reading.” - P.J. Adam, Chairman and CEO, Black & Veatch

“Most managers live by certain perceptions that they ‘know’ to be true and yet give us false interpretations of truth. Lucas gets to the root of what causes illusions in an organization – and offers concrete steps to help managers recognize and eliminate them.” - Ronald E. Keener in The Business Ledger

“Fatal Illusions disperses the smoke and shatters the mirrors that allow fantasies to persist. In doing so, Fatal Illusions breaks the erroneous beliefs and perceptions of a fantasy world and prescribes strategies for positive organizational growth and development.” - Stephen E. Bangert, Ph.D., Organizational Consultant

“Your chapter on the mission statement was so insightful and inspiring I had to write and thank you. In less than twelve hours you helped me solve a problem which had bugged me since I started my practice fourteen years ago.” - Richard M. Bosworth, Richard M. Bosworth & Associates (South Africa)

“This book will help managers ‘get real’ – and help their companies get ahead.” - Business to Business Newspaper

“In many ways, Fatal Illusions is a discomforting book. Who among us doesn’t covet one or more of those notions?” - Automotive Manufacturing & Production

“Many organizations are held back from success because their managers and other employees live by illusions–what they want to believe, rather than what they know to be true…[Fatal Illusions] describes a “dirty dozen” of illusions that rule in too many workplaces.” - Human Resource Management News

“Whew! Your book is impressive. I read it at one sitting and could not put it down! I still can’t!” - R. Michael Mahoney, Hewlett-Packard

“Fatal Illusions…is an enlightening and useful guide that can help individuals at any level of an organization face and overcome common misconceptions that can sidetrack an organization’s ability to be successful….The value of the book comes from Lucas’ style and the helpful self-tests that can assist individuals in identifying problems within their own organization.” - Kevin Marrs, Bulletin of the American Society of Employers

“Fatal Illusions cuts to the heart of today’s most prevalent and destructive workplace fallacies and shows the way to break free.” - New Equipment Digest

“Fatal Illusions is a terrific diagnostic took for anyone who wants to be a truth-seeker and truth-doer.” - Christian Management Report